We rely on volunteers to get the food onto the tables of those in Halifax who are unable to prepare a meal for themselves. Our volunteers don’t just deliver meals. They also deliver a smile and a personal connection to our clients. You can make a huge difference in the lives of our clients. How much time you can spare for this valuable work depends on you.

  1. Get a Criminal Record and Vulnerable Sector Check

    Contact us at 902-429-4299 and we will send you an invitation to get your Criminal Record and Vulnerable Sector checks done at a reduced price of $30. We will reimburse this fee to you after 3 months of service.

  2. Let’s Get Acquainted

    Come and meet with us.

  3. Orientation Run

    Go out with an experienced team to see how it all works.

  4. Flexible Commitment

    You can choose to work a regular route or sub in as needed. We can accommodate your schedule - vacations, classes, appointments etc.