Phil & Sheila | Fresh Meals and Warm Hearts

Fresh Meals and Warm Hearts

After years as a volunteer, Phil became a client. That comes as a comfort to his daughter, Sheila.

Sheila teases her Dad, Phil: “Someone was spoiled for 55 years…he likes a hot meal. I like Meals on Wheels too. It gives me peace of mind that Dad is eating well.” Phil was a volunteer with Halifax Meals on Wheels for 12 years. “I started when I bought the brown car,” says Phil. “My friend Joyce thought I should put the new car to good use, so she asked me to help. I loved it.” After more than a decade of volunteering, Phil became a client when he was diagnosed with an illness. “Meals on Wheels is doing good for appreciative people,” he says. “It’s good, cheap food, delivered by friendly volunteers.” Halifax Meals on Wheels is an important part of Sheila and Phil’s family life and they believe it can be a big help to others too. “Sometimes we’re not able to recognize our needs,” says Sheila. “If more people knew about Meals on Wheels, they would see there is a solution for those needs.”