Janeske | Deliver a Warm Smile

Deliver a Warm Smile

A bright student dedicated to helping others and learning more about her community.

Janeske is bright, personable, dedicated to making a difference for others, and learning everything she can to support her career and life goals. She also holds the distinction of being the youngest volunteer with Halifax Meals on Wheels. “That surprises me,” says Janeske, who is an aspiring medical student in her early 20s. “It’s been teaching me to listen, and get out of the university bubble to learn about other people and their needs. It’s a great fit for medicine, or any helping profession.” Janeske and her family moved from South Africa to the Maritimes when she was in high school. Dalhousie was her choice for university and she graduated with a degree focused on biology and psychology. “I work in a research lab at Dal, and I volunteer with several organizations that are important to me,” she says. “Meals on Wheels is only two hours a week. You don’t have to have a car…because you are always paired up with another volunteer.” Janeske hopes other people her age decide to volunteer with Halifax Meals on Wheels. “You have the opportunity to leave people happier than when you found them and, in the process, learn from them, and learn more about our community.”