Clayton | Deliver a Helping Hand

Deliver a Helping Hand

Daily deliveries help keep the focus on his health and give his family one less thing to worry about.

Several years ago, Clayton retired after a rewarding career with the Canadian Air Force. “You know what they say in the movies, I can’t tell you any more than that, or I’d have to kill you!” he jokes. As his wife, Karen, continues to work as a nurse, Clayton stays at home with his dog Dammit and cat Penny. Why Meals on Wheels Halifax? “About a year ago, we noticed my short term memory was not the same,” says Clayton. “Through some medical check-ups, we found out I’m in the process of a bit of dementia.” To help Clayton while she is at work, Karen recommended Halifax Meals on Wheels deliveries five days a week. “It’s a great deal,” says Clayton. “The food is fresh which is important. It is very good and the variety is great. One delivery lasts me all day.” Clayton also appreciates the volunteers. “Every single volunteer is friendly, I know they are good people,” he says.