Halifax Meals on Wheels on Virgin radio

Board Member Mary Rose McIntyre recently spoke with Virgin Radio on the work Halifax Meals on Wheels does, and our urgent need for volunteers!

Have a listen here: ♫ Voices Amplified on Virgin Radio Halifax | Voices Amplified - Champions for Equality and Inclusion (


Friday Meal Delivery Program

Battling food insecurity one meal at a time!

More and more Nova Scotians are struggling to feed themselves and their families. Food insecurity is growing at an alarming rate and here at Halifax Meals on Wheels we are striving to provide more meals and more food to more families.

In 2024 our dedicated staff and volunteers will facilitate delivery of over 25,000 meals!

The unfortunate reality is that it’s a drop in the bucket which is why in April 2024 we are initiating another meal delivery program.

With the help of our partners in the community, we’ve committed to providing an additional 150-200 meals per month, at no charge, to those in need.

If you’re a school, family resource centre, free pantry, community group, or unhoused shelter and are seeking aid in helping the food insecure people in your neighbourhood, please reach out!

We may be able to help!


Phone: 902 429 4299

A huge thanks to our friends at Stone Hearth Bakery and MetroWorks for all their help and support in getting this program underway!